Top 15 Flexible Working Positions for Moms

Top 15 Flexible Working Positions for Moms

RecruitMyMom has been going for five years now and we’ve seen a massive increase in the number of employers willing to offer part-time or flexible work options, particularly when they see and recognise the value that skilled mothers bring to the workplace.


Here are some of the most in-demand positions we receive regularly:


1. Digital marketers

Employers need skills such as writing, blogging, social media posting and content marketing.

2. Professional PAs

CEOs are always looking for skilled, well-spoken candidates to set appointments and run diaries

3. Graphic designers

Graphic Designers are also in high demand as the internet continues to explode with opportunities. This kind of work is ideal because it can be done from home on a freelance basis and is often centred on specific projects.

The best part-time office roles

4. Accountants

5. Financial managers

6. Bookkeepers

7. Project managers

8. Working for an NPO and marketing

9. Tax consultants

10. Computer programmers


Some exciting and rewarding part-time jobs include

11. A nutritionist or wellness coach

12. A pre-school teacher specialising in early childhood development

13. A tutor for school-going kids

14. A commercial photographer

15. An interior designer

If you aren’t skilled in one of these but want to change directions and give it a go, there are plenty of short courses or distance-learning programmes available so you can up-skill yourself in as little as six weeks.

Remember to pick something you’re passionate about so that the time away from your family is worth it to you.


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