Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Before the computer, the Internet and Google no one had heard of a “Virtual Assistant.”

One was an assistant with a desk and chair next to the boss. But since the enormous growth of the Internet and home-based working, Virtual Assisting is one of the fastest growing new roles, followed closely behind by “Digital Moms”.

So what exactly is a virtual assistant?

A sci-fi mind image may be that of a Barbie-sized hologram appearing on the desk to be at one’s beck and call. The reality is a virtual assistant is exactly what the name says it is, a person that assists one from a virtual office space, usually a home-based office.

Virtual Assistants assist with anything from marketing, managing one’s diary, booking and confirming meetings, assisting with personal requirements, research assistants, administration, writing, and reception. In fact, anything one needs assistance with that can be done from a virtual office would fall into a virtual assistant role.

Choosing the right Virtual Assistant

When interviewing a virtual assistant, apart from assessing their skills, find out about their home office set-up. Ask how many other clients they assist and for how many hours per day they are already working. At RecruitMyMom we keep a record of the hours we allocate our Virtual Assistants to ensure they do not take on too many hours and under-deliver to our clients.

Generally, Virtual Assistants are paid an hourly rate and the rate can vary depending on skill.

The advantages of using a Virtual Assistant are many, but in particular one does not need additional office space and one only pays for the hours utilised, thereby reducing the cost of having an in-office assistant. Global employers can hire virtual assistants in countries where labour rates are lower due to lower labour cost and exchange rate gains.

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In South Africa, we are seeing a rapidly growing demand for Virtual Assistants from varying sectors as the Internet speed improves and technology makes virtual assisting a breeze.


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