The Flexible Super-Employees No One Saw Coming

The flexible super employees no one saw coming

It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, the world cannot get away from the fact that moms successfully multi-task on a far higher level than anyone else. Moms have a variety of roles, which include but are not limited to, mother, partner and employee. A little-known fact though is that these multi-roles have prepped Moms to be the super-employees that no one even saw coming, and here’s why….

Harnessing these diverse skills and thinking brings about enhanced creativity within moms who tend to develop unique skills including the ability to prioritise the important over the menial, better empathy, team-work and inclusivity. Moms often make excellent mentors and coaches to younger employees due to their nurturing and encouraging natures and have mastered the art of negotiation.

Paired with better opportunities for meaningful part-time and flexible work these super moms bring enormous potential through both their work skills and life experience.

If provided with the right flexible or part-time opportunity, working moms are less likely to job hop, saving companies the high cost of training new staff. As a career part-timer looking to find better balance while raising a young family, working moms are not often looking for accelerated job growth. Their priorities are different for this stage of life and they will value something which provides them with the flexibility and understanding that they need.

Skilled moms have often built up a wealth of knowledge and experience before having a family and can provide this to a company on a more flexible basis at a lower cost. Allowing Moms more autonomy while still tapping into their considerable skill set, can be a win-win for both parties. Instead of forcing women to choose either family or work life at the expense of the other, companies should look to make the most of these highly skilled workers through work-life integration policies and employing these super employees through trusted platforms such as RecruitMyMom.

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