The Flexible Super-Employees No One Saw Coming

The Flexible Super-Employees No One Saw Coming

Moms…we know what makes them beloved and special to their families. But what is it about mothers that give them such a high value in the workplace too?

Mothers have been in the workplace for many years of course, but it is only quite recently that they have been discovered for the values and experience they bring to filling skills gaps. On-demand, flexible, freelance, part-time, temporary, on-tap…whatever the term used for this force of nature, nurture and skills, it is increasingly a force to be reckoned with.

Paired with better opportunities for meaningful part-time and flexible work these super moms bring enormous potential through both their work skills and life experience.

What circumstances created this growing and valuable human resource?

What do they offer to the employment market, this large group of flexible super employees no-one saw coming? Quite a lot, as it happens.

Multi-tasking – who does it best?

It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, the world cannot get away from the fact that moms successfully multi-task on a far higher level than anyone else. Moms have a variety of roles, which include but are not limited to, mother, partner and employee. A little-known fact though is that these multi-roles have prepped Moms to be the super-employees that no one even saw coming, and here’s why….

Without becoming enmeshed in a battle of the sexes, it is a generally accepted that women, more especially moms, are the best multitaskers on the planet. The fact that in general, moms as a collective outshine every other group when it comes to multi-tasking is based on empirical studies and research. It is also something we learn at our mother’s knees – a fact of life.

This is not about men vs women or ‘us against them’. It should never be that, since moms by their very nature, are all about compromise, reason, sharing and emotional intelligence.


What do moms bring to the job?

Mother, partner, employee and all the other roles in-between, mothers have earned their stripes. Moms bring their enormous energy, experience, adaptability and multi-tasking skills to whatever they are doing, whether at work or at home. It comes, as they say, with the job and is their proven recipe for success.

Skilled moms have often built up a wealth of knowledge and experience before having a family. The responsibilities of motherhood, paired with the experience and expertise gained during their working lives, engenders a practical attitude. Their patience,encouraging natures and nurturing instincts make them excellent mentors to younger employees. Harnessing these diverse skills and thinking brings about enhanced creativity within moms who tend to develop unique skills including the ability to prioritise the important over the menial, better empathy, team-work and inclusivity. Tact and diplomacy are necessary attributes for negotiating, and moms have mastered the art of negotiation.

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Moms are resourceful with time and budgets, and are adept at prioritising tasks and projects. They know how to get the best results in the shortest possible time. If provided with the right flexible or part-time opportunity, working moms are less likely to job hop, saving companies the high cost of training new staff. As career part-timers looking to find better balance while raising young families, working moms are often not looking for accelerated job growth. Their priorities are different for this stage of life and they will value something which provides them with the flexibility that they need.

The rise of the on-demand economy

In recent years, more and more companies and moms simultaneously have begun to recognise the necessity of utilising the skills of one and the employment opportunities of the other. Was it employers who first recognised an opportunity to replace missing skills from the workplace? Or was it educated, experienced and skilled mothers whose family commitments prevented them from taking desk-bound full-time jobs?

The needs and demands of both parties have been recognised and the emergence of moms as super-employees continues to grow into a flexible mutually-beneficial work opportunity.

The indisputable fact is that moms can offer their highly skilled expertise to companies on a flexible basis, and at a lower cost than full-time employees.

A winning combination

Allowing Moms more autonomy and flexibility while still tapping into their considerable skills is a win-win for both parties. Instead of forcing women to choose between family and career, companies should embrace the deployment of these highly skilled workers.

A work-life integration policy and hiring these super employees through trusted platforms such as is essential to the future life of a business.

A big hand to the moms who switch instantly between job and home, employers and children, colleagues and home partner. They produce our future generations, and they have a wealth of caring and maturity, common-sense and professionalism to offer to the work place.

Better opportunities for meaningful part-time and flexible work ensure these super moms bring growth to businesses with their skills and life experience. They are the future. The work place is happier and better skilled because of them.

Where to find them

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